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Fix It In The Farmland

November 15th, 2018

Do you know?

Veterinarians with dogs

Rescue Village offers the only low-cost spay neuter program to an Amish community in the United States. Right here in Geauga County, Fix It In The Farmland has spayed or neutered 2,492 dogs and cats since 2011. This is a very significant number considering we service a rural area.

Over time we have built friendships and trust. Our clients have learned that while the program is low-cost it is definitely high-quality. They have experienced that their love and concern for their pets is match by Rescue Village and the staff of Petfix which provides the surgeries themselves.

For more information, contact the Fix It Coordinator, Joan Lax at 440.338.4819 x 21


Wrapping Our Arms Around Greyhounds

November 7th, 2018

Wrapping Our Arms Around Greyhounds – Florida’s Brand New Law

On November 6th, 2018 Florida voters wrapped their arms around greyhounds on election night. Voters overwhelmingly supported an amendment that bans commercial dog racing. Amendment 13 won approval from roughly 5.4 million Floridians with a 69% to 31% victory.

The Committee to Protect Dogs, which lobbied for the racing ban, called the vote “a knock-out blow to a cruel industry that has been hurting and killing dogs for nearly a century.” Florida is the site of 13 of the nation’s 17 dog tracks. Amendment 13’s implementation means that the industry will basically be wiped out by the end of 2021.

The “sport” of dog racing has been rife with drugging of dogs, abuse, and the abandonment of thousands of greyhounds. Dogs were often kept in cages for 23 hours a day and lived in deplorable conditions. Greyhound rescues exist around the country to address the need for rescuing and rehoming these animals.

Yes, greyhound racing is big business and opponents of the amendment argued that ending commercial dog racing would cost the state tens of millions in money from gambling. As commercial racing ends there will be thousands of dogs that need homes. So far, all parties concerned have promised to help the dogs get happy endings. There will be challenges. But, wonderfully, doing the right thing by the dogs won the hearts, minds, and votes of millions of Floridians.

Outdoor Cat Shelters

November 6th, 2018

Affordable Winter Shelter for Stray/Outdoor Cats


Easy to build with affordable materials and easy to clean and maintain!


Materials Needed:

– A large Rubbermaid storage bin w/lid

– An 8’ x 2’ sheet of one-inch thick, hard Styrofoam

– A yardstick

– An ink marker (such as a Sharpie) -A box cutter or utility knife

– Straw, shredded newspaper or other insulating material

– Catnip



Assemble as follows:

1. Cut a doorway 6” x 6” in one of the long sides of the storage bin towards the corner. Cut the opening so the bottom is several inches above the bottom of the bin to prevent flooding in the bin.

2. Using the yardstick and box cutter to measure and cut out the piece, line the floor of the bin with a piece of Styrofoam.

3. When proceeding to cut the side pieces of Styrofoam, remember, those finished side pieces should not go up to the top of the bin. Cut each of the 4 interior wall pieces to stop at least 3” from the upper edge of the bin. This will allow room for an interior Styrofoam ‘roof’ to fit on top of the side pieces.

4. Cut the doorway in the Styrofoam where it is lined up with the doorway you cut earlier in the bin. Trace the outline of the door on the Styrofoam before cutting.

5. Stuff the bottom of the bin with straw, shredded paper or your choice of insulating material for bedding and to hold the Styrofoam interior wall pieces in place.

6. Cut the Styrofoam ‘roof’ to rest on top of the interior Styrofoam wall pieces.

7. Sprinkle catnip inside to entice your tenant!

8. Cover the bin with its lid! COZY kitty cats!