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FIV Positive Cats

May 29th, 2019

The Truth About FIV Positive Cats

You may have seen the term “FIV” on an adoptable cat bio or on a cage card at Rescue Village. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) can sound scary. People equate it with HIV or AIDs in humans, but it poses NO danger to humans and shouldn’t stop
a responsible pet owner from considering adoption.

Here’s why:

  • FIV positive cats may not show symptoms until years after the initial infection occurred. It weakens the cat’s immune system which can make them susceptible to various secondary infections. However, infected cats kept in a stress-free, indoor environment can live relatively comfortable lives before the disease reaches its chronic stages.
  • FIV is passed from cat to cat mainly through deep bite wounds. This disease cannot be transmitted from cat to human or even to other cats unless there is an aggressive cat fight involving deep bites. While it

    is a personal choice as to whether or not an owner wants to introduce an FIV positive cat to an FIV negative cat, they are perfectly capable of cohabitating without spreading the disease.

  • While there is no antiviral treatment for FIV, cats can live with this virus a very long time before symptoms even appear. Veterinary treatment usually focuses on extending that asymptomatic period or, if symptoms have set in, easing the secondary effects of the virus.

Ludwig (pictured above), a 3-year-old handsome boy, came to Rescue Village FIV positive. Friendly to all, playful, and always sun bathing, he was recently adopted to wonderful owners who looked past this disease. We are so happy for Ludwig.

We currently have another FIV positive cat who is just like Ludwig except he hasn’t found his happy ending yet. Opie (pictured left) came to us as an owner surrender. He and his former owner had an extremely close bond and he followed her wherever she went.

Opie would like nothing more than to find another owner who can be his partner in crime. He’s very affectionate, sweet, playful, and quiet. You can learn more about him here.

Butter, Envy, and Gambit

May 21st, 2019

Dogs in our Adoption Rover Program are Still Waiting for Forever Homes


The Adoption Rover Program is a new and innovative foster to adoption program where fosters take adoptable adult dogs into their homes and help us find an adoptive family by promoting them to family and friends, on their social media sites, coming to the shelter for a few hours on weekends and during adoption events, and by attending our offsite adoption and pop-up events.

Currently, Rescue Village has three adult dogs in our Adoption Rover program that have been waiting for a very long time for a forever human. Learn more about each of these special dogs below.


Envy is our longest Adoption Rover and came to Rescue Village back in October of 2018. She was originally surrendered to us when her owner was unable to care for her anymore. She’s about 7-years-old and has a sweet smile that will melt your heart!

We have learned so much about Envy after placing her in a foster home! Envy does great with the other dogs in the home, but would prefer a home without cats or other small animals.

She is a cuddle bug and loves curling up next to her fosters on the couch or snuggling under the covers of a nice warm bed. Envy is a social and friendly girl who loves everyone she meets. She even does well with children! She’s calm, cool, and collected even when there is a lot going on around her and has done fantastic at some of our offsite adoption events.

If you are interested in scheduling a day and time to meet Envy at Rescue Village or wanting to learn more about her, please contact her foster parents directly. Their information can be found on Envy’s bio here.

Envy’s foster family has generously offered to pay her adoption fee to the family that adopts her.



Butter is a cute, energetic pup with the cutest ears! She originally came to us back in January as a transport from Mahoning County Dog Warden. Butter sat on the adoption floor for over a month but the shelter environment stressed her out and was just too much for her after a while. One of our rockstar fosters reached out and agreed to be an Adoption Rover for Butter.

Butter was a fan of her toys even at the shelter and would do just about anything for something squeaky. Her foster says that has only increased since she’s been in a home! She would play with her toys or chew on a kong all day long if it was up to her.

Butter would do best in a home without small children, cats, or other dogs. She likes to be the center of attention and thinks cats are just another toy for her to chase after. Her adoption fee has generously been sponsored and she would love to find a forever home soon! If you’re on Instagram, check out some behind the scenes snippets of Butter in her foster home.



This hound dog is ready to find his forever! Gambit was another dog who got very stressed in the shelter environment but is doing fantastic in his adoption rover home! He is an energetic 2-year-old with a goofy smile and floppy ears.

Gambit has tons of puppy energy and will need someone who is patient and willing to work with him on his training. He does great with other dogs and has a few doggy siblings in his foster home. He needs to go to a home without young kids or cats.

He’s ready to go on adventures and would make a great running or hiking partner! Interested in Gambit? Call Rescue Village to set up a time to meet him.


Want to be an adoption rover? Learn more and apply here. If you have questions about the program, please contact our Shelter Programs Coordinator at (440) 338-4819 x 14 or shelterprograms@rescuevillage.org.

If you are interested in any of these dogs, feel free to give us a call (440) 338-4819 x 43 or email our Dog Behavior Specialist at wzaslavsky@rescuevillage.org.