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This is our very sweet and very affectionate lady named Veronica. She likes to point out the fact that she has a beauty mark on her chin and has the prettiest eyes on the block. (She did fail to mention that her body is about 25 times the size of her head and that she has really small ears.) Anyhow, Veronica is a quiet girl with a loving affectionate heart. Her wish for her future is to bond with a single mature adult (she will accept a couple also) with a serene home. Don't expect her to play a lot although on occasion she will lift a paw to bat at a toy now and then if it makes her owners happy! Her final request is about kids: "Since at times I am afraid of my own shadow (because its sorta big) I really will be frightened of babies/toddlers BUT i DID GREAT with the cat loving seven year old in my foster home!)" I have lived with cats and got along great with them but would have to be introduced SLOWLY to NEW cat. And I have never lived with dogs and would prefer it to be kept that way!Veronica is a MYM Purple Love Bug

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Domestic Short Hair
Spayed / Neutered
House Trained

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