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Planned Giving Opportunities

Planned giving is a way in which you can give to Rescue Village by including us in your overall estate or financial plan. Doing so could also provide you with immediate or future tax benefits. Planned giving opportunities include will bequests, charitable remainder trusts, a charitable lead trust, and/or a beneficiary designation of a life insurance policy. We recommend that you consult your tax advisor, financial advisor, or your attorney to determine which strategy is best suited for your individual situation.


Bequests to Rescue Village can be made through a new will or by adding a codicil to your existing will  An unrestricted bequest is one that allows Rescue Village to direct your gift where it will have the greatest impact. A restricted bequest allows you to designate your gift for a purpose of your choosing. We have additional information about the most common types of bequests, along with suggested language, available as a resource

If you don’t have a friend or loved one to step in when you are no longer able to provide for your pet’s care, Rescue Village’s Your Legacy, Their Lives program offers an opportunity to ensure your ease of mind and their future care.

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Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust (CRT) enables you to put a highly appreciated asset, such as stock or a vacation home, into a trust for which Geauga Humane Society is the beneficiary (or one of several beneficiaries). In the trust document, you designate what income you want to receive from the trust (i.e. 7%/yr.). The CRT sells the gifted assets and reinvests the proceeds to provide you with income as stated in the trust document. You do not pay the capital gains tax on the sale of the appreciated asset, and you receive an immediate tax deduction for your gift to the trust. As a beneficiary of the CRT,  Rescue Village receives a predetermined amount from the trust upon the death of those indicated in the trust document.

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Charitable Lead Trust

A charitable lead trust (CLT) also allows you to put a highly appreciated asset, such as stock or a vacation home, into a trust that pays a predetermined amount to you, or your designates. As stated in the trust agreement. At the end of the stated time period, the remainder of the trust is distributed to Rescue Village. This strategy can be very effective in minimizing or eliminating the gift and estate taxes that would otherwise be associated with an outright gift.

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Life Insurance Policy

There are many ways to make a gift to Rescue Village with Life Insurance and receive significant tax benefits with possibly no out-of-pocket money. You can do this by naming Rescue Village as beneficiary of a policy you already own, purchasing a new life insurance policy and naming Rescue Village as the beneficiary, or making Rescue Village the owner of an existing policy on which you are continuing to pay premiums.

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Discuss Your Plans

Our Director of Development will be happy to discuss your charitable objectives with you and work closely with your attorneys and financial and tax advisors to come up with a strategy that best suits your philanthropic goals.

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