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Every animal deserves a chance

Some of the animals at Rescue Village need special medical tests, surgery, or care that goes above and beyond our normal resources. Project S.A.V.E.—Saving Animals with Veterinary Emergencies—is a special fund that enables us to do more in those unique situations in which specialized care, that we would not otherwise be able to provide, may give an animal a second chance.

Your donation to Project S.A.V.E. will help us provide more second chances through above and beyond veterinary care. Currently, Project S.A.V.E. is funding an life changing surgery for a dog named Shirley.

Shirley came to Rescue Village with a severe ear disease which is often painfully uncomfortable for her. Raising enough money for her to have this surgery will drastically improve her quality of life and help her to have a pain free holiday season.

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Project S.A.V.E. - Shirley

Help us to raise $6,000 to fund Shirley's surgery!