Gambit’s Story: It Took a Rescue Village

Gambit has a home!

Some dogs are more challenging than others, and lively Gambit was one of these pups. Rescue Village took him in December of 2018 and after careful evaluation it was determined that sweet Gambit needed lots of attention and training. He loved people and other dogs, but it quickly became clear that Gambit was far from ready for a home. Severe anxiety, destructive chewing, leash reactivity and no knowledge of basic obedience were just some of the important issues that the Rescue Village team had to address.

Training is all about communication and finding what motivates a dog. Equally important is repetition and consistency. After months of daily training sessions and plenty of exercise, Gambit showed signs of progress and knew how to sit, stay, wait and target. The next piece of the puzzle was finding Gambit a foster home to see if his training and new behaviors would continue with a foster home picking up his daily training and exercise regimen. The exciting news, it DID! A loving and attentive foster brought continued progress for sweet Gambit. And, just this weekend it was made official…Gambit found his forever home! His new owner is excited to have such a bright and loving dog as a companion. The training will continue in Gambit’s new home.

The Rescue Village team that worked tirelessly with him could not be more thrilled. Let’s just say when this happens, there are lots of high-fives and cheers. And now the awesome Rescue Village crew will focus on working with the next animals to help them find their forever homes. And that’s what it’s all about! What an awesome and gratifying effort. Thanks to our generous donors and supporters for making beautiful success stories like this possible.

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Gambit with his new owner Taylor from Cleveland. Special thanks to Gambit’s foster, Kellie Chapman. It took a village…Rescue Village!

October 2nd, 2019