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Meet Jasper


Jasper is looking for his perfect forever home and we’re hoping you can help us find it. He about 1-1 ½ years old and is a Boxer/ Pit Bull mix. He came to Rescue Village in October of 2018 and he is still waiting for his forever home now, months later.

Jasper is playful, energetic and wants nothing more than to be around his people. He is enthusiastic, eager to please, and will do anything for a tasty treat. 

Jasper’s life prior to his arrival at Rescue Village was not an easy one. It is likely that most of his life was spent tied up outside or cooped up in a crate. Because of this, Jasper has never had the opportunity to learn how to be a dog.

During his time at Rescue Village our staff has worked with Jasper on leash walking, crate training, basic obedience and socialization. Jasper has demonstrated remarkable improvement in all areas, but the stressful, anxiety-provoking nature of a shelter setting has been limiting. The best place for Jasper to thrive is a home environment, so we are really hoping we find his perfect family soon. 

Jasper needs a very special home.

Because of his difficult past, his size and determination, Jasper is going to require a very special home. His future family must have the time, willingness and ability to continue the work we have done with him outside of the shelter. We need his new family to devote their attention, time, and patience to Jasper so it’s best that he goes to a home with no other dogs, no young children, and no cats. 

Because the kennel environment is so stressful for him, he is housed in one of our back kennels where there is less traffic and barking from other dogs. If you think you might be Jasper’s person, please stop at Rescue Village during any of our open hours and ask to meet him.

We know Jasper’s person is out there somewhere. Please share this post so that we can find them even faster.

Thank you to US Storage Centers for their support of Rescue Village and for dogs like Jasper!


January 11th, 2019