Paw Parade

Rescue Village was invited to Chardon Healthcare Center this week to visit with the residents. To make it a safe visit during COVID, they requested a Paw Parade so that residents who weren’t able to come outside could see the dogs from their windows as the parade wrapped around the entire building.

Initially Chardon Healthcare Center wanted us to bring adoptable animals, however, Rescue Village works hard to ensure the dogs at the shelter stay stress-free, so Humane Educator, Nicole Latosky, arranged to bring the RV Ambassador dogs.

Rescue Village Ambassador dogs are trained and certified therapy dogs that go through training with their owner.  Therapy dogs are assessed and then trained to ensure that they can handle all different types of situations and remain calm. Trained therapy dogs are accustomed to large crowds, wheelchairs, strangers approaching and children that might tug on their fur or tail.

“The Ambassadors have not volunteered for Rescue Village in over a year due to COVID, and their owners were so excited to get the call to action,” said Nicole, who oversees the Ambassador program. “We know how important it is, especially during COVID, to bring these dogs out to meet people and give them comfort and joy. We aren’t sure who had more fun, the people or the dogs!”

The Ambassadors spent over an hour cheering up the residents and filling their hearts with fond, furry memories.