An Update on Bugsy


An Announcement from Hope, our Executive Director:
I am beyond sad to let you know that our little Bugsy passed away last night while in the care of his loving foster mom. Despite all of our efforts to prepare him for and keep him going until surgery, he was not able to overcome his heart defect. My heart goes out to Bugsy’s foster family, our staff, and to you. In just a short time we were close to our goal of raising $5,000 for Bugsy’s surgery – you are an amazing community.

If you are comfortable, I would ask you to allow us to keep these funds in Project S.A.V.E. for the next animal who has a veterinary emergency. If you would prefer a refund, please contact Mindy Carter at developmentdata@rescuevillage.org. We gave Bugsy weeks filled with love.

Thank you for your heartfelt support. The LIFEsaving GOES On.