Adoption Rover



Help us find their families!

The Adoption Rover Program is a new and innovative foster to adoption program where fosters take adoptable adult dogs into their homes and help us find an adoptive family by promoting them to family and friends, on their social media sites, coming to the shelter for a few hours on weekends and during adoption events, and by attending our offsite adoption and pop-up events.

Adoption Rover fosters are equipped with their foster animals full adoption packet so they are ready to process their foster animals adoption as soon as a forever home is found. Once you have found a home for your adoption rover foster, you will bring all paperwork back to Rescue Village for us to register the microchip and process the adoption in our database.

Adoption Rover animals are listed on our website as an extra way to promote your foster animal. As an Adoption Rover foster you have the choice to list your email or cell phone number in your foster animals bio on our adoptable animals page for potential adopters to contact you to schedule a meet and greet with your foster animal at Rescue Village. As an Adoption Rover foster you will play a hands on role in the adoption counseling and placement of your foster animal.

Want to be an Adoption Rover?

If you’re interested in being an adoption rover, please contact our Shelter Programs Manager, Andrea Giorgio at shelterprograms@rescuevillage.org or call 440-338-4819 x 14.