Superhero Sunday


NEW! Superhero Sundays!

Starting Sunday, May 5th, from 1:30-3:30pm we will be hosting a new volunteer opportunity geared toward the youth of our community, but as always adults are welcome.  

Superhero Sunday will be the first Sunday of every month, so the next one after May 5th will be Sunday, June 2nd.  No registration is necessary and there is no fee but donations for supplies are welcome. 

Kids will be able to show up to help with various projects and tasks without having to register:

  • Reading
  • Counting change from donations they are encouraged to collect/bring in
  • Gardening
  • Making fleece blankets and kits
  • Making dog and cat treats
  • Making dog and cat toys
  • Trail maintenance and cleanup
  • Special projects as needed by the shelter
  • Fun projects for shelter decorations or general store items
  • Rock painting
  • Enrichment prep for both cats and dogs
  • Making cat scoops
  • Barn projects

The purpose of this program is to:

1– better serve our community (so many want to volunteer but can’t make a long term commitment)
2– target the youth volunteers that our current opportunities or education programs cannot accommodate
3– allow for more open, easy way for people to volunteer here at the shelter


*All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the duration of time that they are participating in Superhero Sundays.