Community Guardian Program

Programs & Services

The Community Guardian Program is a safety net program offered to pet owners as an alternative to giving up a pet when life’s obstacles leave pet owners temporarily unable to care for their pets.

Animals accepted into the program are placed into temporary foster homes with trained Rescue Village foster caregivers to provide, love, care, and support to the pet.

Any pet owner is eligible to request assistance from the Community Guardian Program.

Research shows that pet owners who face obstacles that would prevent them from caring for their pets — like fleeing an unsafe environment or receiving medical or substance abuse treatment — will postpone their own care to avoid having to give up their pet to a shelter, or having to rehome their pets.

It’s been proven that some people facing or experiencing homelessness will choose to stay with their pets and sleep on the streets over going to a homeless shelter because few homeless shelters allow pets. Rehoming a beloved pet is traumatic.

The Community Guardian Program aims to resolve some of these issues by offering a safe haven to people who need temporary help caring for their pets.

Community Guardian Request Form