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School Programs + Community Outreach

Rescue Village Cares About the community we serve

Rescue Village is guided by an ethic of compassion and a keen understanding that the kids of today are the animal guardians of tomorrow. We know that both children and adults who learn to extend kindness and care toward animals are more likely to treat other people with respect. Because of this, our Humane Education department is committed to providing educational programs that foster values of respect, compassion, and a reverence for life.

We offer a variety of programs to individuals, as well as civic, community, professional and school groups. Our interactive lessons were developed in conjunction with the Humane Society of the United States, the American Humane Society, and the ASPCA.

Outreach Programs

We Bring Rescue Village To You

We are happy to arrange a visit to your school classroom, senior center, library, or other interested group location. Our Humane Education programs are presented by an experienced classroom teacher, animal welfare professional, or trained volunteer, and certified therapy animals often accompany the presenter. Our talks can address a wide range of topics—pet care, animal body language, bite prevention, choosing the right pet, treating all animals with respect, and other animal welfare-related subjects—and can be tailored to your interests.

To set up an educational outreach program, please contact our Education Coordinator at 440.338.4819 extension 20. or education@rescuevillage.org.