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Humane Law Enforcement

Putting The Animal First In Tough Situations

As a service to Geauga County residents, Rescue Village funds a Humane Law Department. Our Humane Agents are state-certified and mandated by the court in Chardon. Rescue Village receives no government funding to provide this service, saving Geauga County more than $2 million since 2005.

The role of our Humane Law Agents includes responding to complaints about animal cruelty or neglect and acting as emergency first responders for sick or injured stray animals. Our agents also educate county residents regarding the humane treatment of animals, investigate suspected animal cruelty cases, and aid in the prosecution of suspected animal abusers in accordance with Ohio law, placing animals into protective custody for their safety and care, if necessary. Rescue Village and our Humane Law Agents respect and honor due process law, meaning we follow all steps to safely remove animals from a home—we will never simply go into a home and take an animal.

Report Animal Cruelty

Are you in a situation that is out of control?

If you are in over your head, we can help!

Come to us before we have to come to you. We’re here to help and provide practical support if possible. Our Humane Agents can be reached at 440-338-4819 ext. 41 or by email at