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Adopt an animal with pets for patriots®

the least we can offer for your service

Rescue Village is a proud partner with Pets for Patriots®, a companion pet adoption program for United States military veterans. By adopting through Pets for Patriots®, not only will you be rescuing a cat or dog in need, but you will receive many benefits through the program, including:

• A 25% adoption fee discount

• Free bag of pet food at adoption

• Members only discount and coupons for pet stores, animal toys and pet food

• Discounted veterinary care for the life of your pet

• Providing a home for a pet in need and gaining a new companion

How to participate

getting started with the Pets For Patriots® Program

The first step is to visit the Pets for Patriots website to learn how the program works and submit a pre-qualification application. If you live within the program area you’ll be e-mailed a link to an application form. The approval process can take as little as two days, but must be completed through Pets for Patriots® prior to adopting from Rescue Village. Once you are approved by Pets for Patriots®, visit Rescue Village to select a dog or cat for adoption.

All animals eligible for adoption through this program will be indicated with a tag on their cage or kennel as a “Pets for Patriots®” adoptable animal. Our adoption counselors will work with each and every veteran to pick out his or her perfect companion. They will walk through the adoption process and make sure all the benefits of this program are understood.