Board of Trustees/ Staff

Who We Are

Rescue Village Staff

Providing Humane Solutions for Animals and Their People

Our dedicated staff are professionals with great big hearts in the fields of nonprofit leadership, financial management, community engagement, and animal welfare who keep Rescue Village running.


Kenneth Clarke
Executive Director, ext. 16

Kristy Bailey
Finance Director, ext. 15

Christian Courtwright
Humane Officer, ext. 41

Erin Hawes
Shelter Director, ext. 17

Lisa Ishee
External Affairs Director, ext. 18

Dr. Megan Volpe, DVM
Medical & Behavioral Services Director, ext. 44

Caitlin Adolph
Barn Supervisor, ext. 12

Ben Bainbridge
Animal/Adoption Care Specialist

Grace Blamble
Senior Clinic Assistant, ext. 26

Dr. Page Borger, DVM

Dr. Paul Borger, DVM

Natalie Bradac, RVT
Clinic Assistant, ext. 26

Mindy Carter
Development Database Manager, ext. 45

Erika Custis
Animal/Adoption Care Specialist

Summer French
Adoptions Supervisor, ext. 22

Andrea Giorgio
Intake and Rescue Manager, ext. 13 

Wendy Grellinger
Cat Behavior Manager, ext. 42

Carla Gubana
Barn Assistant

Jacklyn Hadlock
Animal/Adoption Care Specialist

Kristopher Herrick
Animal/Adoption Care Specialist

Colin Hribar
Animal/Adoption Care Specialist

Nicole Latosky
Humane Education Manager, ext. 20

Joan Lax
Fix It in the Farmland, ext. 21

Melissa Orrell
Animal/Adoption Care Specialist

Lisa Sideropolis, RVT
Clinic Manager, ext. 26

Jamie Smith
Special Events Manager, ext. 50

Susan Walsh
Animal/Adoption Care Specialist

Tyler Wesson
Clinic Assistant

Jessica Wright
Animal/Adoption Care Specialist

Krystyna Zarn-Langford
Human & Animal Services Manager, ext. 14





Our Board Of Trustees

Fully Committed To Our Animal Friends

Geauga Humane Society is governed by a Board of Trustees that works diligently to ensure that Rescue Village stays on point and fulfills its mission. Our Trustees are all volunteers who care deeply about the welfare of animals and believe strongly in the mission and vision of the Geauga Humane Society.


Board of Trustees Members

Carrie Radivoyevitch

Vice President
Jill Shankar, Esq.

Brian Greene

Maggie Layman

Larry Bennett

Lydia Burrell

Amy Dwyer-Shute

Jane Geisse

Jan Glasser

Kathy Leavenworth

Jim Meltzer

Sheila Simpson