Board of Trustees/ Staff

Who We Are

Our Staff

Keeping us going around the clock

Our dedicated staff are professionals with great big hearts in the fields of nonprofit leadership, financial management, community engagement, and animal welfare who keep Rescue Village running 24/7.


Hope Brustein
Executive Director, ext. 16

Mindy Carter
Database & Development Assistant, ext. 45

Christian Courtwright
Humane Agent, ext. 41

Dee Dee Dicesare
Intake Coordinator, ext. 13

Andrea Giorgio
Shelter Programs Coordinator, ext. 14 

Wendy Grellinger
Cat Behaviorist, ext. 42

Cory Griffin
Director of Operations, ext. 15

Erin Hawes
Animal Care Manager, ext. 17

Lisa Ishee
Volunteer Coordinator, ext. 18

Adrianne Johnson
Barn Program Manager, ext. 12

Pam Kerr
Customer Experience Associate, ext. 11

Nicole Latosky
Humane Education, ext. 20

Rebecca McNish (formerly Bendlak)
Director of Development, ext. 40

Lisa Millard
Customer Experience Coordinator, ext. 11

Pam Pray
Volunteer Assistant, ext. 49

Jamie Smith
Special Events Coordinator, ext. 50

Tracy Solan
Development Associate, ext 46

Dr. Megan Volpe, DVM
Director of Shelter Medicine

Rhonda Westover
Bookkeeper, ext. 22

Will Zaslavsky
Dog Behavior Specialist, ext. 43

Marketing & PR Coordinator, ext. 19

Our Board Of Trustees

Fully Committed To Our Animal Friends

Geauga Humane Society is governed by a Board of Trustees that works diligently to ensure that Rescue Village stays on point and fulfills its mission. Our Trustees are all volunteers who care deeply about the welfare of animals and believe strongly in the mission and vision of the Geauga Humane Society.


Board of Trustees Members

Kathy Leavenworth

Vice President
Bruce Hartzmark

Brian Greene

Carrie Radivoyevitch

Larry Bennett

Jane Geisse

Jan Glasser

Pam Isquick

Maggie Layman

Nancy Rubin

Steve Schneider

Sheila Simpson