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Rescue Village is making headlines! Check out recent news about the Geauga Humane Society.

Area Non-profits Notice Surge in Pet Adoptions, Fostering through Covid-19

Learn more about how Rescue Village is managing through the pandemic.

Rescue Village partners with ASPCA’S Behavioral Rehabilitation Center

Many dogs rescued from neglect and overcrowded living situations are left emotionally scarred and extremely fearful—Peace, Freedom, Keith and Kazoo were no exception.

Dogs Rescued from Ashland Hoarding Case

Rescue Village took in 16 dogs from a hoarding case and showed them how to have fun outside. All got wonderful homes.

Rescue Village Reading Event a Howling Success

Instead of being on the receiving end of holiday reading, several children in Geauga County stepped into the role of storyteller this year. Their audience — several four-legged, furry canines.

Geauga’s #1 Dog Teaches Lasting Life Lessons

Olivia Caschera may only be 9 years old, but she already has learned a valuable lesson: being different does not need to be an obstacle to living a full life. She learned that lesson from her dog 1-1/2-year-old dog S’mores, whose left foreleg was amputated following a traffic accident.

Rescue Village Campers Learn to Care for Animals

From skunks to reptiles, young people taking part in a summer camp at Geauga Humane Society’s Rescue Village had an up-close look at animals not normally seen during daily activities.

Rescue Village finds family for precious pup with front leg deformities

The Geauga County Humane Society’s Rescue Village started the day looking to match a special family with a very special dog. They found one.

Rescue Village plans outdoor parties with lots of furry fun

Two big events are coming up for Geauga Humane Society’s Rescue Village animal shelter, which depends on fundraising to provide care to support thousands of homeless animals all year.

Spunky Puppy was Born Ready for Role as Diabetic Alert Dog

When his diabetes symptoms flare up, 6-year-old Tyler Carcelli can become dizzy, confused and lethargic. He can hardly think, let alone ask an adult for help. With each minute, Tyler inches closer to a diabetic coma.