Zack and Zoey

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Zack and Zoey

Two senior cats looking for their forever home together!


Zack and Zoey are a bonded pair of senior cats who are looking for their forever home. These two sweet cats were surrendered to us when their owner could no longer care for them. They are both around 8-years-old and a little scared at first but once they warm up to you, they are very sweet and affectionate.

Seniors often need more care and TLC than other cats, which during kitten season can be hard to provide when there are so many cats coming and leaving through the doors. Many times they will be looked over for adoptions as they don’t always present well in a cage and require more experienced owners with quieter homes. Friendly, social kittens and young adults often find homes much quicker because they are at the front of the cage asking for attention.

Bonded senior cats (cats who have to go home with their siblings or housemates) have the hardest time finding forever homes. Being that they are seniors and there are two cats instead of one can be overwhelming for a lot of potential adopters. Most people think “double the cats, double the work”, which is not always true. Sure you may have to clean a litter box a little more often and there is a second mouth to feed, but in reality caring for two cats is generally as easy as caring for one. Also, one of the perks of having two instead of one is they usually end up depending on each other for comfort and play, which can make the transition into a home a lot easier on both them and their adopted family.

Shelters are a great temporary fix for a long term solution. We can provide all the enrichment and quiet comfort we want in a shelter, but the best place for a senior is in a warm, loving home cuddled with their family. If you have a calm or quiet home and a love for adult cats, please consider coming in and looking at one of our lovable seniors (or TWO like Zack and Zoey) and help them start their new chapter today!

Learn more about Zack and Zoey here: https://www.rescuevillage.org/adopt/adoptable-cats/



February 4th, 2019