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Manny is a sweet senior pony who used to be a hard-working show pony for children. Once he developed uveitis and it was left untreated he could no longer perform, and was given away. He then became a companion for another senior horse, but since that horse passed away Manny has been on his own. He is healthy and happy and wants a forever home with another horse friend. Manny may be blind but he gets around fine and is comfortable with leading, grooming and could even be used for lead line riding for small children. Manny is an easy keeper and should do well with a mare or a gelding companion as long as they have a similar laid-back, easy-going attitude. Give this boy the retirement he deserves with love and pampering, and he will give you many happy moments and memories in return! If you are interested in meeting Manny please email us at Horse showings are by appointment only, and he is currently off site in Chesterland OH. Can't Adopt but want to help Manny? Shop our Barn Wishlist here:

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