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Our boy Jasper has come a long way since his arrival at Rescue Village! We have had very dedicated staff members working with him on many different things because he didn't seem to know how to be a dog when he came to us. He was incredibly jumpy and mouthy and was reactive around other dogs. He is going to need someone who will really take the time to continue his training after adoption to ensure he continues to learn what it means to be a good canine companion. He will not be a good fit for a first time dog owner or families with young children, cats or other dogs as he is still a bit insecure and isn't so sure about a lot of new things. He is slowly but surely beginning to learn confidence, impulse control, and structure. We know that he will only continue to improve! Please come in and ask to meet Jasper. He's hanging out in the back kennels because he would be too overwhelmed with being out on the adoption floor. We promise you that this boy is worth getting to know and that in the right home he has the potential to be a wonderful companion!

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