Pet Resources

What We Do

Resources for pets and people

Our Pet Resource Guide contains many different types of pet-related resources. It provides information on:

*Rehoming Your Pet

*Medical Resources

*Behavior & Training

*Pet Supply Resources

*Hospice, Grief Support, and End of Life Services

*Domestic Violence Assistance

*Rescue Village’s Community Guardian Program

*Community Cats & Kittens

*Pet-Friendly Housing

*Military Deployment Options

*Support for Other Species of Pets

*Lost and Found Animals

Here are some links to resources for people and their pets that Rescue Village provides:

     *Pet Food Pantry

     *Dog Training Classes

     *Found Kitten Support

Visit Petco’s Love Lost website to help you find your lost pet or submit a found pet. Through local shelters and communities working together, this site helps animals find their way home using advanced facial recognition technology: