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Report Animal Cruelty

As a service to Geauga County residents, Rescue Village funds a Humane Law Department, through which a court-appointed Humane Law Agent is on call 7 days a week. Our agent responds to complaints about animal cruelty or neglect and acts as the emergency first responder for sick or injured stray animals in Geauga County.

The agent’s role includes educating county residents regarding the humane treatment of animals, investigating suspected animal cruelty cases, and aiding in the prosecution of suspected animal abusers in accordance with Ohio law, placing animals into protective custody for their safety and care, if necessary.

Report possible animal cruelty, neglect, or abandonment by contacting our Humane Agent at 440-338-4819 ext. 41 or by using the form provided below.

Please be as descriptive as possible when reporting animal cruelty.


Report Animal Cruelty Form