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Frequently Asked Questions

At Rescue Village, we often receive many of the same questions from visitors to our shelter as well as community members. These questions and answers may help provide more information about Rescue Village and the work that we do every day for the Geauga County community.

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Is Rescue Village a "no kill" shelter?

Rescue Village is a limited admission, unlimited stay shelter which means we do not euthanize (humanely put to sleep) any animal for space or time constraints. Adoptable animals remain in our shelter until a home is found or unless their health or temperament dramatically changes. Animals surrendered to our facility are evaluated based on their health and temperament. There are some circumstances where animals cannot be placed for adoption such as when animals show signs of highly aggressive or unsociable behavior or when a veterinarian determines that an animal’s physical health greatly impairs their quality of life in an untreatable way. Every animal is treated with dignity and respect and our staff works tirelessly in each situation to achieve the best outcome possible.

Where does Rescue Village get its funding?

Rescue Village is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.  All of our funding comes from private donations, private foundations, or corporate sponsorships, or fees for services such as adoptions, camps, or low-cost spay/neuter.  We are not affiliated with the County and receive no funds from any government agency. All of our lifesaving programs and services are made possible by the ongoing generosity of the public.

Your shelter is beautiful, and modern. Do you really need money?

Yes. Did you know that it costs more than $3,000 a day to operate Rescue Village? Every year over 2,000 animals come through our doors. All shelter animals are spayed or neutered and vaccinated before adoption. We also offer low-cost spay/neuter services for stray and feral cats; owned dogs and cats through our partnership with PetFix and our Fix it in the Farmland Program.  Our Humane Education programs and camps involve over 5,000 children and adults. We provide Geauga County with its only certified and court-appointed Humane Agent to enforce animal protection laws. It takes a staff of more than 30 people and 400 volunteers to ensure that Rescue Village is a shelter that YOU can be proud of and one that provides animals the quality of care that they need and deserve.

Is Geauga Humane Society part of the ASPCA or American Humane?

We are an independent organization. Donations to the ASPCA, for example, do not come to Rescue Village. We do, however, respect and find common cause with various national animal welfare organizations (see ASPCA, American Humane Society, HSUS).

How do you keep your kennel from smelling badly?

Staff and volunteers begin arriving at 7:30 am every day. Cleaning the dog kennels, cat cages, barn, and public areas takes about five hours a day. Keeping the shelter clean is a key part of keeping the animals healthy. We also have a very sophisticated air exchange system that helps minimize odors and, more importantly, helps to prevent disease.

Does Rescue Village offer low-cost veterinary care for my pet?

Rescue Village has a variety of low-cost spay and neuter programs, however, we do not currently provide full veterinary care for animals other than our shelter animals. To learn more about our spay and neuter programs, click here.

What is the relationship between Geauga Humane Society and Rescue Village?

Geauga Humane Society and Rescue Village are one in the same. In 2001 GHS built a state-of-the-art facility on Chillicothe Road in Russell Township, Ohio and called it Rescue Village. We’ve been providing excellent care for animals ever since. In 2018, Geauga Humane Society’s Rescue Village became known as Rescue Village Humane so that we could help animals and people far beyond Geauga County.

Is Rescue Village connected to the Geauga County Dog Warden?

The Geauga County Dog Warden is an entirely separate county-funded agency responsible for handling stray dogs and their adoption in Geauga County. Rescue Village works collaboratively with the Dog Warden on cruelty cases, some animal transfers, and other projects.

What else does Rescue Village offer?

When it comes to animal adoptions and animal welfare services, we are a resource for the entire northeast Ohio region. From holding children’s camps to providing animal behavior hotlines, from helping people get their pets spayed and neutered to investigating complaints about animal cruelty and neglect in Geauga County, from taking in animals from owners who can no longer keep their pets to speaking out about animal-related legislation—Rescue Village is a leader in animal welfare.