Who We Are

Our History

The Geauga Humane Society has been performing its lifesaving work throughout Geauga County, and Northeast Ohio, for more than 30 years. Our current 19,000 square foot center was completed in 2015. We invite you to learn more about the past, present, and future of Rescue Village Humane.

Our Past

A Labor of Love

The Geauga Humane Society (GHS) (now widely known as Rescue Village) you know today as a leading animal welfare agency in Northeast Ohio began with a vision of a more humane world and a devotion to saving animals from homelessness and harm. The work of the Society began in 1974 when GHS founder Arlene MacDonald and a small group of animal advocates embarked on a labor of love. Animals were first sheltered in private homes. In 1980, GHS moved into the tiny 800 square-foot leased space on Merritt Road in Chardon, Ohio. What our original shelter lacked in size was made up by the driving passion and enormous energy to better the lives of animals and to help educate the community to have respect for all living things.

In 2001, a new shelter opened.  It was a state-of-the-art center for animal education and humane education. In 2005, we built a 5 stall barn and fenced-in pasture to help us provide a safe haven for even more species of animals. The barn behind the shelter has been a temporary home for horses, chickens, pigs, ducks, even cows, and sheep. In 2014, the shelter was straining against the confines of its 10,500 square feet. The building was expanded into a facility of more than 19,000 square feet that allowed us the space needed to grow our services in the community and provide more comprehensive veterinary care to our animals.

Our Present

Look at Us Now

Adoptable animals at Rescue Village have no limits for space or the time they need to find their new beginnings. While we “live” in Geauga County, we now serve all of Northeast Ohio with pet adoptions, animal enrichment, events, and education. Behind the main adoption and education center, we built a barn to rescue horses and farm animals from cruelty and neglect.

We believe strongly that “all animals deserve our moral concern.” In this spirit, we extend our passion for life-saving way beyond Northeast Ohio by helping animals in need from ten different states and Puerto Rico.

For Rescue Village this work is personal. We are large enough to save thousands of animals and serve tens of thousands of people. Yet, we are small enough to know the names of all of our shelter animals and welcome our growing community with open arms like we would good friends. We try our best and go above and beyond to offer unmatched care for both animals and people.

Our Future

From Here to Home...and Beyond

We look to the future, excited by the possibilities to continue growing our services and our impact throughout Northeast Ohio and beyond. Rescue Village serves the welfare of our animals from their time in our shelter until they are placed in a loving home–but we don’t stop there. We provide care from here to home and beyond, always looking for new opportunities to provide ongoing care and enrichment for animals, such as low-cost wellness or grief counseling. As we look to the future, we look to further define what programs and services are needed for the “beyond”—and we hope you will continue on this journey with us.