Woofstock Ramble

Welcome Woofstock Ramblers

Show your support for the animals at Rescue Village through fundraising!

By being a part of the 2023 Woofstock Ramble, you are the super fans of Rescue Village!

Raise $100 or more and you are automatically a part of the Ramble Parade and Party!

*A $5 admission wristband is included for your participation. T-Shirts sold separately. 

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Ramble History

2023 marks the 30-year anniversary of the Ramble Parade! The parade takes place at 11am during the Woofstock Dog Festival on September 10, 2023. Woofstock, originally known as “The Ramble,” was created to raise funds to build a shelter to provide a temporary home, food, veterinary care and treatments for sick, injured, abused and neglected or homeless animals in need.

Through grassroots efforts and dedicated staff and volunteers, Woofstock has grown into the family-friendly dog festival you know and love today! Get involved and join the Ramble to help us continue to raise critical funds for the animals!

Rescue Village appreciates your hard work in helping the animals through your fundraising efforts and will be saying thank you with a Ramble Party following the 11am parade where Ramblers will receive a special treat and get a picture taken with their pup (or favorite human!) by a professional photographer.

Ways to Ramble

1. REGISTER for the Woofstock Ramble

We strongly encourage everyone that wants to fundraise to Register for the Ramble. This ensures you have an ONLINE webpage you can direct people to donate through texting, social media and email. Your webpage will do the work for you! It also REALLY helps us track our goal and prizes and communicate details about the Ramble Parade and Party with you.

Each Rambler webpage is secure and has a place for a photo and bio. Register today and create your goal to share with others!

2. Fundraise OFFLINE*

To participate and fundraise for the Ramble OFFLINE (without registering), see the “Woofstock Ramble Pledge Form” link above for a printable Woofstock Ramble form.

Please bring your completed pledge form and cash or check donations (made out to Rescue Village) to the shelter by 9/5 to guarantee your fundraising prize.  Otherwise, you can bring your form and donations to the Registration Tent at Woofstock!

*This OFFLINE option is geared for the younger kids fundraising through lemonade stands or at family gatherings, birthday parties and school!

3. Fundraise as a Rambler Team 

After creating your fundraising page, you can invite your friends, family, coworkers, and groups to join your team!

4. Provide a Company Donation

5. Host an Engagement Event 


Rambler Ranking

Level 1- $100-$249

Level 2- $250-$499

Level 3- $500-$999

Level 4- $1000+


Woofstock 2023 Fundraising Prizes


Celebrate 2023

This year Rescue Village supporters have much to celebrate! Rescue Village’s Woofstock has been named the 2023 Winner for Cleveland Magazine’s “Best Charitable Event of the East”.

The Woofstock Ramble is celebrating its 30th Anniversary! Throughout the many decades of Woofstock, the Ramble Parade has remained a symbol of pride for our community in raising critical funds to fulfill Rescue Village’s mission.

Why Ramble?

Rescue Village is a private, non-profit 501(c)3 organization solely reliant on donor support for funding. Rescue Village does not receive government assistance or funding. Without the generosity of the communities Rescue Village serves, the necessary care and support we are able to provide to the animals would not be possible.

The Ramble is a necessary and impactful fundraiser for Rescue Village for the ongoing care of our animals and facility.

The Ramble engages communities, organizations, students, groups, and individuals and provides a FUN, affordable and meaningful way to donate time and practice advocacy for a worthy cause.

We hope to see you there! GO TEAM!!!